25 June 2016

Bernie and the ghetto

I know it's a terrible state of affairs when a man is stooping to copying his own posts on Facebook. But there is no time and, besides, this case should be kept for posterity.

Now, based on the improbably idiotic quote above, here is a quick quiz. Only one question in the following list is answered by "No". Find it.
  1. Is Bernie a white man?
  2. Does Pope poop in the Vatican?
  3. Is Bernie Jewish?
  4. Was the term "ghetto" originally used in Venice to describe the part of the city to which Jews were restricted and segregated?
  5. Does Bernie have a brain?
  6. Did my (an probably Bernie's too) grand-grand-grand parents live in a ghetto?
  7. Is the turn of speech invented by מוטי פינסקי*: "Bernie's belligerently bombastic and bellicose bullshit bandwagon" great and fitting?
(*) Motti Pinsky - a Facebook buddy, with thanks to.