14 October 2015

Gideon Levy - Mr Israeli Conscience and the boundless morality thereof

On October 11, 2015, about two weeks into the knifing frenzy, borne on the winds of the Al-Aqsa libel, Gideon Levy, the senior editor of Haaretz and baron of deceit industry (so anointed by another journalist), issued another cry (yowl?) caused by his hurt conscience. The headline of that (opinion) piece is Israel's Lawless Death Penalty Without Trial Buoyed by Cheers of the Masses and its lede adds another wrinkle:

The people of Israel see these pictures and most of them are filled with delight and pleasure, as the media inflames their animal urges.
(Emphasis mine). I shall go fisking the body of the article a bit later, now to the main point.

For me the words emphasized above are a confirmation of what I think about Mr Levy: his moral narcissism has already reached the stage where he lives by a simple dichotomy: Gideon Levy on one side and the unwashed barbarians aka Jewish population of Israel - on the other. Them heathens that rejoice at the sight of Arab blood on the streets.

This dichotomy alienates Mr Levy not only from the good (or not so good) citizens of Israel but from his own family, as could be seen here as well. But he is relentless in his brand of narcissism (already adequately explained, by the way). And, judging by his behavior, finds some perverse enjoyment in it.

Now, after we have dispensed with the main point, let's go to the less exciting part: the fisking. But first, I just have to remark on a change in appearance of Gideon Levy that becomes more and more pronounced with years:
Notice how the face of our hero loses its symmetry. You can take a look at earlier pictures and see that it wasn't always that way. And I cannot restrain myself from quoting a sentence from "Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov:
In a week I was there again and was received by a maid with eyes slanted toward her nose due to incessant lying.
I would loath to reject the evidence coming from one of the greatest writers ever breathing the Earth' atmosphere. So lying does cause deformation of the facial features. Beware, Mr Levy!

OK, now that I have that off my chest, we can start. And you know what: let's start with these bold letters in the lede. So Mr Levy says that most of us, Israeli Jews, are filled with delight at the bloody Arab carcasses in the streets. Only there is not a shred of proof supporting this statement. I can bring an anecdotal evidence of several tens of my friends - not a single one does rejoice. Since nor I nor Mr Levy can base our claims on any poll or research - how about calling Mr Levy's claim a lie and (just for brevity) forget the ululating of happiness by the Arab crowds that hail each new "martyr"? Just call your claim a lie, Mr Levy, and hold the reins of your moral narcissism for a while.

Now another, quite stupid, paragraph from the article:
The grotesque element was provided by the attack in Tel Aviv. A Palestinian with a tiny screwdriver, who had stabbed and very slightly injured a number of Israelis, was shot to death by an IDF officer. Second Lieutenant Daniel became the hero of the day. Entire pages in the media were written about him, hailing him as a “combatant in an air defense unit who did what is expected of a combatant.” The stabber’s body, which nobody bothered to cover, the tiny screwdriver beside it, is Daniel’s citation. “Heroism at the Kirya’s gate,” screamed the headlines. These are your heroes, Israel, taking out desperate youngsters with a screwdriver who could and should have been arrested.
According to his Wiki bio, Mr Levy served in IDF only as a reporter. Still, even as a reporter he must know the rules of engagement, followed by the army, police etc. - and not only in Israel, but quite universally: when a citizen's life is in danger, the shooting is aimed at the center mass of the perpetrator - to stop and, if it so happens, to kill. The armed defender just doesn't have the time for that luxury of shooting at the perp's limbs. Nowhere.

Now to the second, even more amazing in its stupidity, point: the size of that "tiny screwdriver". Not to mention the sad fact that even a "tiny screwdriver" could kill, what should the above mentioned armed defender do, confronted with the bloody scene of the attack, general panic and the necessity to act immediately? Ask the terrorist to take a short break for measurement of the screwdriver? Or go ahead and shoot, praying that the shot will be enough to stop the butchery? In short, another inane yowl from Mr Israeli Conscience.

Anyhow, here is a collection of knives and other instruments of freedom struggle, collected in Hebron quite recently (source) from the well known tourist ship Mavi Marmara.

Shouldn't we ask our Voice of Conscience to sort out the tools presented above according to their homicidal value and write a field guidance manual for the police, the army etc? If possible, with methodology of the measurement of these tools in field conditions.

The picture, by the way, is not very good, but I can see a box-cutter or two... how about these, dear Gideon? I know, I know, the boxes wouldn't cut themselves. Right-o. To the next quote:
The people of Israel see these pictures and most of them are filled with delight and pleasure, as the media inflames their animal urges.
Yeah, it is an already familiar one, to strengthen the point of the absolute moral superiority of our Voice of Conscience over the rest of us. So I will go to satisfy my animal urges by watching the evening news. Meanwhile you can watch below what happens when a Jewish shooter (a good guy, no doubt) tries to restrict himself only to the shots that he considers necessary at two important points of the struggle.

Yeah, and try to hold your delight, pleasure and them animal urges under control, please. Bye.

קשה לצפייה: כך נראה במצלמות האבטחה הפיגוע הרצחני בשכונת גאולה >> www.kikar.co.il Life in Jerusalem: innocent man walking in the street and murdered by terrorist.
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