05 May 2015

Hair style and politics: the end of Bibi's combover?

I am writing this with mixed feelings. On one hand, on a personal level, as a man whose hair is steadily becoming a memory and who is soon going over from a comb to a polishing rag, I am feeling for Bibi. But the other hand, the one that strongly dislikes Bibi the politician... oh well, you know the drill here on Simply Jews.

Anyway, that other hand prevails, and it says that the days when Bibi spent inordinate amounts of time (and public money, if Haaretz is to be believed) on careful construction of the pitiful* combover - these days are coming to an end.

Because, what with the limited number of hairs remaining on Bibi's head as it is, even if he tears out only a single one each time when he thinks about his (faulty) reasoning for initiating these wretched last elections, he will be totally bald very soon. Hirsute Lieberman started the process and manfully bald Bennett will bring it to fruition... er... so to say.

Of course, one shouldn't forget that the manual depilation might take more time, after all: the average person's head has up to 150,000 hair follicles (the entire adult body has 5 million). And there is a need for a few more unjustified and purposeless elections to cause Bibi the look of an Alopecia victim.

So, even if the personal level is for Bibi's, all the others can't feel anything but mirth at the thought of the enforced and painful depilation process that is undoubtedly going on as we speak. Oh, and another thought:

I told you so...

Update: More details.

(*) Seriously, Bibi, combover is not a solution for a real man. When the going becomes rough, just cut it off - look at Bennett, for instance.