26 June 2012

Alice Walker's hidden dichotomy

Of course, Alice Walker's refusal to allow the release of a new hebrew edition of her book The Color Purple shouldn't surprise anyone. It was out of boredom that I decided to browse her official site, and found some revealing blog entries (no long quotes, sorry, the content is copyrighted).

The celebrated author lives in a fantasy land, where noble palestinian heroes bravely do nothing in face of the israeli aggression. Blooming and joyful, just waiting for the israelis to do whatever hair raising deeds they're plotting. Non-violent resistance, she calls it. Barely a month after Itamar, just a few weeks after Mary Jean Gardner was blown to pieces in a terror bombing in Jerusalem, less than two weeks after the 16 years old Daniel Viflic was killed by an anti-tank missile fired from Gaza at a yellow school bus, comes Alice Walker to assure us that palestinian resistance has nothing whatsoever to do with violence. Nope, it's all love and poppy fields.

I find it ironic that she expresses her disappointment with William Faulkner for allegedly stating that he'd shoot down niggers in the streets to show his allegiance to white southerners (she writes n___s - a bit odd for an acclaimed writer to be afraid of words). That's because the distinguished novelist herself clearly states her own allegiance to the good and worthy arab palestinians, israelis or not, seen as a total antithesis to the dreadful israeli jews. This is exactly Faulkner's dichotomy - if you're going to support one side, you have to be prepared to hurt the other side. The only difference being that Alice Walker wouldn't shoot jews in the streets. She just walks away, completely ignoring jews being shot in the streets.


Dick Stanley said...

No big loss. The Color Purple stinks, anyhow.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

No big loss sounds precisely true to me.

David All said...

Hard to believe Alice Walker ever had a Jewish husband and that he was the father of her daughter!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yeah. A bit mad, isn't she. But most of the extremists are.