08 June 2009

Hungarian Jews should stick to playing with their what?

Again that issue of long headlines I was repeatedly warned against. But what could one do when the full headline (Haaretz) is Hungarian Jews should stick to playing with their circumcised tails? And even this appears to be not the full quote from Christina Morvay (actually Krisztina Morvai on Hungarian sites), a learned lady gainfully employed as a university lecturer in Hungary. The full quote is:

I would be glad if the so-called proud Hungarian Jews would go back to playing with their tiny little circumcised tail rather than vilifying me.
Krisztina Morvai is currently heading the list of candidates for EU parliament as representative of an ultra-right ultra-nationalist Jobbik party (good buddies of British BNP, by the way). Here she is:

Here is some more skinny on the professor. A lawyer, too, by the way, so one needs to be careful in choosing one's words. I shall tread lightly then, mind you, but then I am always very gentlemanly and careful, as you know.

Warning: the rest of the post contains legally hazardous or morally deranged material interspersed with some strong language. Click "Read more" only if and when you are ready!

The Haaretz article doesn't provide the background or an explanation for Ms Morvai's eruption of genital ire toward Hungarian Jews, whatever is left of them. A look into the Jobbik site (no link from this blog, as usual) doesn' explain it as well, aside of showing Ms Morvai as a staunch anti-Israeli activist (but who isn't this way in the enlightened Europe these days?). Anti-Israeli, shmanti-Israeli - I can dig it, but what about that penile disdain? And why that "tail" in the quote above appears in singular form? After all, there is more than one male Joo in Hungary, even with the recent scarcity of them... A mystery, no question about it.

And than I have stumbled on an allegedly possible explanation (ain't Google great?) On this link, if you search for "Morvay", you'll find the following:

Don't be surprised! We have nearly the same way of thinking public figure in Hungary. Her name is PHD prof Christina Morvay, who is working for the Budapest University of Law, mum of two nice half-jew daughter, and with a palestinien scarf around her neck, went to the Israelien Ambassy the day before yesterday, to press the Ambassador on behalf of Hangarian mothers, for stop killing the palestinian kids. I wish, all the civilized people in the word meet her name and turn out of her. I ashemed to be a hungarian mother. IDON'T WANT TO BE ASHEMED BECAUSE OF HER! Posted by: mARSCHALL éVA at Jan 14, 2009 4:12:13 PM
If the alleged quote is speaking about our alleged lawyer/professor/candidate alleged Christina Morvay, look at that bit that allegedly says: "mum of two nice half-jew daughter". Which allegedly means an alleged Jooish hubby (or, most probably, ex-hubby)!!! Eureka!

So the riddle seems to be solved. Now we can put the legal stuff away, since we are moving into the Elders' space right now.

Dear Ms Morvai,

It is an ex-secret of our all-powerful organization that I am authorized to disclose right here and now, so pay attention: we, the Elders, are sending genitally-challenged operatives to Europe to cause maximum possible frustration to the blond Aryan-looking right-wing politicians. Even lawyers are not exempt from this practice. You can sue us for that cruelty, if there is a suitable law in EU these days. If not, you can try and pass one when you join your BNP, Jobbik and other folks of their ilk in the EU parliament.

However (do I like this word or do I like this word?), there is a solution for the penile disappointment you, Ms Morvai, have suffered (or are suffering still). Repent, leave that right-wing and anti-Jooish nonsense. Come to us and rejoice! The opportunities are endless. Not only do we promise (and keep that promise) participation in ruling this planet and more, we also have in our ranks a lot of members (No Pun Intended) of outstanding (NPI) qualities that will fully compensate the shortcomings (NPI) you have encountered.

Your only problem will be to choose between the genetically modified operatives or surgically enhanced ones. And believe me, it is a hard (NPI) choice.

Come to us, dear Ms Morvai. Really, come! Or else!