12 June 2007

Now for some carefully expressed glee

The DePaul University decision not to grant a tenure to Norman Finkelstein is carefully wrapped in the bureaucratic lingo. So we have decided to help you our with some more difficult passages.

He is a nationally known scholar and public intellectual, considered provocative, challenging and intellectually interesting, although the dossier reveals some division of opinion as to the soundness of some of his scholarship.
"Public intellectual" is a curious term even for the bureaucratic lingo. One expects a scientist (which title Finkelstein holds to for dear life) to be, you know, a scientific intellectual. "Public intellectual" sounds like... a motormouth, shall I say, to be polite.
...comments from the department minority report are critical of the accuracy of some of the evidence he uses in his scholarship and the cogency of some of his arguments.
Simply put - the man does not hesitate to invent some material he is in need of for an especially intellectual public performance.
The UBPT found his service at the departmental level to be limited, with no service at the college or university level.
In other words, our intellectual cannot spare time for mundane university business. Too busy sharpening his tongue for TV.
Criticism has been expressed for his inflammatory style and personal attacks in his writings and intellectual debates.
That means that, instead of trying to argue on a level, Mr Finkelstein will behave like a regular blogger - meaning spew some invectives to cover for his lack of knowledge or lack of arguments.

Well, what do we have here: a cheating, big mouthed, lazy and rude "scientist".

Being a regular blogger, I do not see a reason not to make the conclusion even easier for my readers:

Good bye, putz.