25 March 2006

Abbas 'moots secret peace talks'

Says the BBC headline.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has proposed secret peace talks with Israel, a leading Israeli paper has quoted him as saying. Mr Abbas suggested the idea in talks with US officials and former Israeli PM Shimon Peres, Haaretz says. He told the paper he was convinced that a peace agreement could be signed within a year of such talks starting. Mr Abbas said any negotiations would be conducted by the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO).

Hmm... That's clearly a novel idea that could lead to a breakthrough in political science. Secret peace talks that will lead to a secret peace agreement that, as long as it is kept under lock and key, will be... er... secret! Just think about it!

I am sure that Abu Mazen's colleagues from Hamas must be thrilled by the idea. After all, it will allow them to go on with their fight for freedom unfettered.

The picture offered by BBC immediately called for another "separated at birth" edition:

Of course, there is no noose on the left one, but I am sure the good folks of Hamas will think about something fitting...

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