15 September 2017

A tiny antisemitic fail

This post is nothing but cute. No ideology, no challenges.

Ethnic jokes, as we all know, are frequently rewritten, having one nationality replaced by another. The interchangeability of such jokes is endless, provided the person changing them is paying a minimal attention to details. Sometimes the results of inattention are unintentionally funny. Like it this case:
Two Jews argued which of them would donate less money. When a servant passed by, the first Jew laid a penny and looked victoriously at the second. "For two," the second man said humbly and crossed himself.
Yeah, crossing oneself was a giveaway. Not that the joke is bad, just that small detail...

I wouldn't refer to the source, suffice to say that it is an essentially not anti-Semitic site, sometimes bringing up good and funny stories, pictures etc. But here is the original text, in Russian, for doubters.
Два еврея поспорили, кто из них меньше пожертвует денег. Когда мимо проходил служитель первый еврей положил копейку и победоносно посмотрел на второго. — За двоих, — смиренно произнес второй и перекрестился.