26 January 2016

Professor Jeff Halper or Anthropologist, study thyself

From Wiki: Jeff Halper (Hebrew: ג'ף הלפר‎; born 1946) is an American-born anthropologist, author, lecturer, and political activist who has lived in Israel since 1973. He is co-founder and Director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD).

It is not that the name of the learned professor or the mildly notorious organization he leads was unknown to me, I just wasn't interested that much before. Yesterday I have stumbled on a mention of his latest book, War Against the People: Israel, the Palestinians and Global Pacification. Naturally, the recent successes of the said "global pacification" and the link of these successes to Israel and Palestinians caused me to do some googling, and as a result I found a clip that the publisher of that book, Pluto Press, calls "Book trailer part 1".

I have managed to survive a bit more than half of that remarkable marketing effort (and there is also part 2 somewhere, I guess, maybe even more). These three and a half minutes, approximately, were enough to boggle my mind and to make me look anew at the noble art (sorry, science) of anthropology*. The man has definitely made inroads in the mire of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and results of his research are so novel and bold that it will take years for his learned colleagues to digest.

The questions prof Halper raises in that part of his "book trailer" are:
  • Why does Israel enjoy all that support from the US, EU, NATO (?) etc.?
  • Why doesn't Israel give up West Bank and Gaza** and immediately start enjoying the peace that will undoubtedly descend on us all?
The (combined) answer to these two questions is (sit down now): the nefarious Zionist Entity uses the Palestinian territories as a testing base for its new weaponry and some undefined security thingamajigs. Which weaponry and thingamajigs are to be marketed worldwide through the ever helpful old boys network, based on retired generals and similar brass hats. Apparently, according to some (yet to be published) research by prof Halper, any retired general automatically enters that (pro-Israeli, of course) OBN, willingly or not is unclear. And, of course, such general becomes forever ready and willing to market new Zionist-made tools of mass murder and mayhem... speak about the new peaks of anthropological science.

OK, I hope you have recovered sufficiently now and digested the message, with its distinct nutty aftertaste. Just remember - only in Israel...

I would suggest that the so called "professor" might become a rich object of scientific studies - anthropology, of course, among others, but some adjacent sciences that deal with peculiarities in human behavior as well. And I am not going to list these sciences - the field of potential discoveries is wide open, methinks.

And good luck to all.

(*) There is an interesting article by Werner Cohn, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, University of British Columbia that, besides other issues related to prof Halper's various activities, raises an interesting question of prof Halper's scientific credentials: "ICAHD materials invariably refer to Halper as "professor," or, as in the Matrix article I cited, as an "anthropologist." But as far as I can tell, Halper has been neither "professor" nor "anthropologist" for at least a decade.[written in 2006!]" Indeed, if you look at the list of prof Halper's books and articles, you would be hard put to find anything scientific there.

(**) Please somebody pass the notice to the learned professor: Israel gave up Gaza in 2005. We all (possibly with the exception of Mr Halper and similar nutcases) know how it turned out.