09 November 2015

And the toilet saga rolls on and on

Dick Stanley mentioned the latest in the waste disposal, as it is going to be practiced in the sunny state of California soon.

Well, now, all those jokes about seeing girls’ underpants will now be passe’.
According to my latest and very imprecise count, there are now somewhere between 15 and 86 different genders, if we go by the New Age Politically Correct progressive field guidance. In a situation like this it might be simpler to destroy all public toilets altogether. Just provide some open safe zone somewhere behind the building, where everyone will be able to do whatever everyone wants, without triggering and abusing one's privileges.

Just make sure this measure is coordinated with the Greens. They might want to add some of their own... I mean some of their own wisdom on the best way to go.

Oh, and whoever had trouble with grokking the precise meaning of the expressions "shit storm" and "cut the crap": now you know, I guess.